Disney World Attendance, Revenue (and Wait Times)

Interesting article about Disney’s First Quarter earnings report. Looks like the increase in crowds is very real (even if the 20% increase in wait times can’t be attributed to a 6% increase in crowds, as @len has said).

Interesting Quotes:

“Attendance at Disney’s domestic theme parks and resorts jumped 6 percent in the first quarter that ended in December as the division exceeded analysts’ expectations by generating $5.2 billion in revenue — an all-time quarterly high for the division, the company said.”


“The first quarter was the highest quarterly attendance ever recorded. Earlier in December, the Magic Kingdom made headlines for reaching maximum capacity and having to close.”


"People spent more at the parks in the first quarter.

‘Guest spending growth was due to higher average ticket prices, food, beverage and merchandise spending and average daily hotel room rates,’ the company said in the earnings report.

Per-hotel-room spending increased by 6 percent. Hotel occupancy held steady at about 91 percent, according to Disney."


I’d love to see that broken down by California and Florida.

Part of the Florida increase in October-December (Disney’s Q1 2018) was probably due to people rescheduling around Hurricane Irma in September (Disney’s Q4 2017). Disney said that Irma reduced attendance in Q4 by 3%.

Some of those Irma folks clearly rescheduled their trips. In early October, Disney said that future hotel bookings were down 1%, so the swing to +6% certainly changed that.


@len, I agree. I wondered about the CA FL split, but I can’t imagine that the CA hotels could prop up the numbers for the FL resorts given the disparity in the number of rooms…

Interesting reading though…

Thanks for chiming in!