Disney with an infant (2 months old)

DH & I have APs that expire in early July. We upgraded our tickets during our July adult only trip since we were going back in October. I had hoped to do a short trip with DD4 or a May trip with all of us on the same tickets. Except we found out right after our July trip that baby #3 was on the way (not a souvenir lol, this kid is probably gonna love roller coasters due to accidental in utero exposure). I was okay with this, but I know now that I basically will not be able to take any PTO the rest of the year due to company policies related to my leave of absence. And idk if I can go that long with out Disney! Plus in 2020 DD4 will be starting kindergarten which means SCHOOL SCHEDULES- yikes! And DD2 will be 3 by then, so that’s another ticket to purchase… We also have some SW credit that expires soon (Not a ton, but like $20-30pp)

So now I am considering a trip in early May since I’ll already be off work on my “leave of absence” (ya know, since I don’t qualify for any maternity leave…USA USA USA :frowning: ). Kids would be 4, 2, and 2 months.

Have any of you traveled with a baby that young? I would probably just wear baby in a carrier all day. I figure at that age, they are not on any set schedule and can go with the flow more.

My other thought was to call Disney, explain the situation and see if they will graciously extend our APs by a month or two and try to go over Labor Day weekend for a short trip. That almost seems worse though due to the temperatures.

I travelled with our third when she was almost 3 months old. I had her in the baby carrier most of the time (or my husband), and occasionally she was in the stroller. Overall it went very well, and she did mostly go with the flow. I had a cover to breastfeed or use a hand pump on all the long rides such as It’s a small world or during the longer shows. We were at the parks for 5 days and there was only a couple of times that she was fussy (she did not like Festival of the Lion King, it was too loud I think) and either me or my husband stepped out with her, and the other one stayed with our two other kids. We went back this past October when she was 2 years and that was more challenging than when she was 3 months!!!


I took my four month old a few years ago (with her 3 brothers). She was the easy one. She went on little mermaid and it’s a small world…probably more. We used the double stroller that the car seat could clip onto it. The nursing room (I dont remember its official room) was nice for getting out of the heat. It was cool and dark and quiet with rocking chairs for feeding. I had a baby carrier but it ended up being super hot so that was very uncomfortable.

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We took our DS when he was 11 weeks old (he has older siblings). We never used a stroller. We wore him the whole time in a maya wrap. It was so easy–easier than taking him as he got older.
The weather in early May would likely be better than Labor Day weather.