Disney Wish Concierge Room Upgrade

I got a verandah room on my 2nd choice cruise date for the Wish next summer since the 5 day inaugural cruise was booked out when my window opened. However, I really wanted concierge. Is there anyway other than just constantly checking yourself to see if a concierge rooms opens up? Is there a travel agent or some such you could pay a fee or a software app like the Dining Reservation finder that checks for you? Thanks!

I was able to get another date in a family concierge room with verandah but it’s only a 3 nighter (and the weekend after the 4 nighter I booked in the Verandah so I could make a week of it). I think people do this right. I know we’d have to get off/on the boat and move our room but it would be moving in the right direction. It’d be 4 nights in a verandah room and then 3 nights in concierge so we’d be moving up which is the right way to go at least.

Honestly I’d just check on your own. Unless you were to hire a TA who would work ONLY with you, I don’t see one checking constantly for a cabin type to become available. And if you were to transfer the booking to a TA (has to be done within 30 days of booking and booking cannot be paid in full), the problem you’d run into is if you spotted one available, you would have to contact them to make the change and it could be gone before the TA was able to get it.

Once we get past 3 days for each day that Concierge sold out, the odds are pretty slim of one coming available as the deposit is non-refundable.

That’s right I remember that. This is only my 2nd Disney cruise. You can reapply the deposit to a different cruise right…or you’re stuck with that exact cruise. Asking because I’ve booked the 3 day concierge but if a 4 day one opens up could I move it and apply the deposit to that?

I think you can transfer them (I’m content with a simple OV or Veranda - too low maintenance for more than that), but the key is to say TRANSFER or CHANGE and not CANCEL.

Right which I think you may have to call to do and by then the concierge room might be gone. They go so fast…One opened up on my 4 day one and I tried to modify rooms and by the time i clicked thru the pages…gone.

Yeah, pretty sure for Concierge you’d have to call. I know with regular cabins I was able to do it myself before I started using a TA.

I really liked the concierge lounge (mostly for its coffee and wine) but I would go in there and get a real coffee every morning and then before dinner I’d grab a glass of wine so I didn’t have to pay at dinner. Really I just want to book stuff early like dining and spa and the port adventures so I get first choice and since I’m only silver at this point it’ll all be gone by my window otherwise. It’s also nice to get to board at your own time and not have to do a set boarding time. It’s only $1K more for all four of us and I just think that’s worth it when you’re dividing that out for four people over three nights but if I was one person it’d be a bigger jump

Different people like different things.

I never minded going to Cove Cafe or bringing my own wine on board so I knew I’d like it. I was always able to get Palo and any Port Adventures I wanted (none in Nassau - I stay on board as Nassau is boring) as a Silver - even when booking for my parents too. I even managed a cabana - though it was on Serenity Bay, which as all adults we were eligible for. Spa ALWAYS has things available if I want to pay the overinflated prices for service usually under what I can get on land.

With a lot more concierge cabins on the Wish, there are definitely more cabins than cabanas, so not sure how they’re going to sort that out.

We did do Concierge our first DCL cruise on the Dream - my dad booked it, and even he doesn’t know why. We did our own booking of Palo because we booked later. One of the hosts was so excited when I went in to ask for 2 more Diet Cokes he brought a whole 12-pack because we had literally not asked for anything. The only reason I even considered the OV concierge cabins (all gone before my TA - who was on right after Gold opened up) is because they usually have private tables. But it may be a moot point as I’m hearing that shared tables may thankfully be a thing of the past now.

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Yeah, I get it. I was fine in our verandah room on RCL but I really enjoyed our Disney Dream concierge experience (though some of that just could have been Disney > RCL). I’m actually thinking of staying on board at Castaway Cay (and doing the Pearl Island Cabana instead in Nassau to get a beach day) to have a full ship day. I felt like Castaway Cay was great for a beach day but it’s just a pretty beach. We got the cabana last time (which is why I booked concierge alone). I’m also hoping Enchante does a brunch since I want to try out all three dinner restaurants and we only have three days. I was surprised they weren’t starting their newest ship on the 7 day caribbean itineries which I would have preferred but I decided Boat>Destination when it comes to Disney and this one has some things I want to try like the new water slide and the interactive dining at Frozen and Marvel restaurants. But I seriously considered checking out the Fantasy or even the Magic for Caribbean or a European cruise. And then lots of room choices.

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I do love the Classics. I don’t love Disney’s prices for Europe though! RCCL or Celebrity offer me a better selection at a LOT less there.

I’m excited about the dining rooms, but I’m REALLY hoping there are other adult bar options than the Star Wars thing which I will NOT be exploring.

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I’m looking forward to that but I really loved the Champagne bar on the Dream. I’m sure they will have a whole area like on the other ships.

I thought super hard about the Fantasy Caribbean cruise cuz I have a teenager who would enjoy all the teen areas a lot and then she’d get the teen pool area, spa room and the teen area on Castaway Cay over the Magic. I’ve also been to the part of Europe daughter wants to go to and I really prefer Europe by land or a river cruise I’d love to try. But if I go to Italy (which is where DD wants) then I’d rather spend a week or two in Tuscany and near the Amalfi coast over the big cities/ports. And we could probably do two weeks for what a cruise costs.

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I am one of the weirdos who hates Star Wars and will never accept that it is Disney. LOL.

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What about Marvel?

Thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy I like Marvel. I’m excited for that dining room.

I wonder if on one of the other Triton Class ships they’ll reverse it and make the bar Marvel-related and the dining room Star Wars.

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I could see that and maybe then we’ll finally get to see what Space 220 would’ve looked like if it was more than a figment of our imaginations!

Supposedly they’ve been hiring for it recently.