Disney Wilderness Lodge or Preferred Coronado Springs Resort

Looking for advice. Currently, I have about a $375 reservation at DWL. A Preferred CSR room is available for $228. We have always stayed at moderates and have liked CSR. Although, have experienced Universal’s Portofino (Luxury resort) and that was nice. I am debating going back to CSR (even with the ongoing refurbishments) to save a lot of money, BUT, since the last time I’ve been to Disney, I have developed bad lungs. I will probably have to bring my portable oxygen and maybe rent a wheelchair in the parks. I do not want to rent a wheelchair from an outside vendor because I don’t want to drive it on and off the buses. So if you were me, would you stay at DWL or CSR - I am interested in the walk time to transportation. I just have no idea how far DWL bus transportation stops are from the hotel rooms.

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We just got back from WL and loved it. The theming was perfect for us &we loved taking the boat to and from MK. I have not stayed at CSR, so I really can’t answer a comparison, but the WL feels sort of intimate and like we didn’t have to walk very far in comparison to some other resorts (Riverside, I’m looking at you). I’d request a room close to the lobby, as that was the biggest part of our walk-from room to elevator.

WL has interior hallways and one bus stop plus the boat dock (to MK or FW/CR). You will go from your room most likely to an elevator, through the lobby to either food or buses. As you know, CSR you will go out your door to an exterior hallway to the nearest bus stop .

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Thank you!

Thank you! Good to know there is one bus stop. I did call Guest Services and let them know my issues. I did share that long hallways would not be good.

Rent points and stay at Boulder Ridge which is next to the bus transportation for WL. I saw a woman on a small portable motorized wheel chair on my last trip.

I don’t know how if I’m too late or not, but WL rooms have carpets vs. laminates at CSR, if that can influence your breathing.