Disney + What's Missing?

I finally, Finally, signed up for Disney + tonight. I was really excited and immediately looked for my favorite kids show from Disney, Sofia the First. Well…it’s not there, and a quick google taught me that they can’t show it on Disney + until their contract with Netflix is over. ??? Oh dear. What else is going to be missing that I totally would have expected? I’m still very excited to have it, however. I got it now b/c my kids are about to have their winter break and I thought it would be nice to have new access to more kids shows. PS the one who wanted to watch Sofia was me…I so wanted to go to the Tokyo Disneyland when they had specially decorated some hotel rooms in Sofia…my DD8 will sometimes watch Sofia with me again but mostly it’s just me who watches it. :slight_smile:


There’s quite a list of things not on Disney+. In some cases, it’s because they’re currently licensed to another service such as Netflix. More and more stuff is coming to Disney+ as it expires elsewhere. Some content is too mature for Disney+; they don’t have any R-rated stuff (Hamilton had to be censored).

There are many blogs with lists of what’s missing. This one seems to be regularly updated: https://whatsondisneyplus.com/over-300-disney-owned-films-and-shows-missing-from-disney-plus/

I am also a mom who loved Sofia more than her daughter. She MUCH preferred Kung Foo Panda. She’s 10 now and the favorite is Puss in Boots.

Did you happen to see when Sofia would be on Disney+?

I was dissappointed in the selection of Muppets. I was hoping for more “old school” muppets there, but I’m not sure what they can actually stream. They have a couple of the original movies but they are missing the Muppets Take Manhatten, Muppets from Space, the original Muppet Show, and most importantly this time of year: A Muppet Family Christmas and Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas. Since they had a lot of other older specials and movies I was hopeful.

We were most bummed out about this!

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It will all come eventually! When I first got my subscription there were a few Star Wars films not on Disney+ yet (Solo, I think TLJ, The Rise of Skywalker) but they eventually showed up as licensing and theatrical runs ended.

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“This leaves a couple of Disney Junior titles remaining on Netflix in the US with Sofia the First being the biggest example but that will likely leave in due course. We’ve heard some rumors that Sofia the First could leave Netflix as late as 2022 but that’s yet to be confirmed.”


My daughter just complained to me that one of the Pirates movies isn’t on there, so she can’t finish watching the series. I think she said it’s the fourth one.


But what about the Ewok movie? What about the Christmas Special? We need the classics!

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This is my all-time favorite Christmas movie! I have it on VHS but no VCR so I watch it every year on YouTube. Unfortunately, with the Sesame Street characters in it, I think that there is little to no chance of it ever being released on DVD or streaming anywhere.

I really like the Marvel shows on Netflix… Daredevil, Jessica Jones, The Punisher, Luke Cage, and the Defenders. Netflix quit making them because they are going to go to Disney + eventually.

It’s in production now from what I understand, but Hawkeye is in the same Marvel Universe. I hope they make it as well as Netflix made them. If they try to make it more kid friendly, which Disney does from time to time, it may take away some of the appeal. Just my $0.02.

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Yes, I think you are right. I also am not sure that Emmet Otter belongs to the muppets franchise, so who knows who owns him. :pensive:

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I remember a few years ago when they brought Emmet Otter to the theaters for a special engagement. They played the show as well as some behind the scenes details. I dragged my sister (who was just as happy as I was - we remember it fondly from when we were kids!) as well as our kids. Our kids were not impressed by the quality of the film itself (they are used to today’s ‘movie magic’) - my sister and I loved it :rofl:

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Emmett Otter is available streaming on Amazon Prime.


ahhhh, thank you! We do have prime but I don’t watch the streaming very much. My kids watch it more than I do. I really should see what else is on there :crazy_face:

I found it by doing a Google search. Usually if I want to know which service a movie or show is on, I’ll search Roku.

Amazon Prime streaming has it available for purchase. Also available on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/LittleEinsteinsOfficial/videos

Seriously, do people not know how to use a search engine? :blush: