Disney Website

Anyone have any idea what is going on with the Disney Site. I keep getting error messages saying the page has been eaten and to check back later.

There were issues yesterday, but everything seems to be working normally for me today. Just tried checking the park hours on the main page, and verified that I can see all my reservations, including ADRs and FP+ reservations. You may want to try clearing cache and restarting your browser if you’re still having problems.

I’m still having problems. I briefly got access yesterday, and it found all my stuff except for DD7’s tickets, which was somewhat alarming. Today it’s back to the Ate the Page message.

I was told to clear by browser and cache. I did this and was able to get into MDE and everything was there thankfully.

Cleared my browser’s whole history, restarted & still unable to see any of my reservations or itinerary. Can’t make ADRs either.

Did you clear your cache too? Have you tried a different browser, or a different device?

I cleared history and cache and it’s working for me now. I went to update my check-in info and there are no options under the room request drop down boxes. Anyone have problems with that before?

I cleared everything and it works fine now