Disney website not working

Has anyone else had trouble with the Disney website not working? I have been trying on my laptop for over an hour and all I get is the Stitch ate the page message. I want to tweak some dining plans and check everything and it isn’t working?

Try a different browser or try deleting your cookies. That usually works for me.

This happened to me a couple times when a logged-in session timed out. I’d recommend hitting “log out” (even if you have to log in again first) and see if it re-sets for you.

I was having problems over the last few days but finally got logged on but can’t seem to add the parks and places to our specific days…any suggestions?

A few years ago WDW had one of the finest IT departments in the business. Then Bob Iger discovered the word OUTSOURCING. The rest is history.

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I am on a different computer today, and it is still hit and miss…

I’ve experience that at times too. Sometimes I found it helps to open the site in the incognito window. Not really sure why but it does.

Yea and clear browsing history helps too.

I always have to log out and log back in. Fixes it every single time.

The other day I couldn’t do online check in on multiple browsers/platforms. Then I couldn’t download a menu. I called on the check in. The menu download worked the next day.