Disney Visa: worth it?

First off: AHAHAHAAAAAAAAA I GOT ALL MY ADRS! I woke up at 3am this morning and I sat there refreshing and I GOT THEM ALL, INCLUDING BOG! :joy: (I’m a little sleep deprived, ignore me)

Now, on to business: I got an offer to apply for a Disney Visa (via Chase) and earn a 200 Disney Gift Card after spending X amount in 3 months. There’s not any annual fee that I can see so I’m wondering if anyone has experience with this offer or this credit card. Would there be any reason NOT to apply for it, charge up to the required amount for the gift card, then cancel after a year or two or so? (We don’t really use credit cards in our house, so I doubt we’d use it beyond getting the gift card.)

(…Do people do that with credit card offers? Is that legit? I don’t want to scam anyone or anything)


I have been wondering the same thing. I found this article (http://www.disneytouristblog.com/disney-visa-rewards-credit-card-benefits-review/) when I was looking into getting a Disney Visa. Hopefully it helps.

First, TL;DR version: Go for it!

We’ve used it for years - for our 1st trip we had it simply for the in-park perks, and also to get the $200 GC.

Most people reference that there are several other bank’s cards that have drastically better cash back return etc, but since it is free to have the basic, no reason you can’t just use it for basic things to get your X spending in, and pursue other, better card rewards if you want to.

After our last trip we decided to start using it for all grocery and gas purchases and have racked up a nice amount of rewards for our theoretical next trip. We thought about upgrading to the premium Visa for double the points, but to be honest, I just don’t have it in me to continually hit these reward programs that hard and track it.

So rather than have to worry about losing money on the premium annual charge we just kept the regular Visa, and will rethink it all after we cash the points in.

Should not be any problems canceling later - that’s not scammy at all, just part of business to them.

We got that card this past year. The $200 back in gift cards on just $500 was well worth it. Since it has no annual fee we have kept ours. The perks in the park are not great but will be nice. It won’t hurt you to get it and cancel it.

The initial offer is worth it - plus they used to have a few extra perks - but not long term. We use Capital One and the travel rewards are MUCH BETTER.

Thanks guys! After talking with my SO we decided to go ahead and go for it - even though we rarely use credit cards, I can switch some things around to cover that initial purchase threshold. A free $200 is nothing to sneeze at (I mean that’ll cover like 3 meals with beverage (but not tip!) at the World…rim shot)

Just keep in mind canceling credit cards can negatively affect your credit.

I wouldn’t apply for it, it you will just cancel it later. As the previous poster suggested, it has a negative effect on your credit score. I have had the card for many years, although I don’t remember what the offer was when I first got it. However, it has been worthwhile to keep since both HS and Epcot have meet and greets specifically for Disney credit card holders. It is Kylo Ren now at HS, and Mickey and friends at Epcot. The offer used to include one free photo, but now gives you a free photo download.

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I just got 10% off my purchase at the Disney Store at the mall when I used my Disney Visa. You can get benefits outside the world too :slight_smile:

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I have had the no fee card since 2005. For years I rarely used any credit card at all. When my son was in college I put all the tuition payments on that card and then paid it off fully each month (paid for a lot my next trip!).

These days I use my Southwest card for just about everything. It has a fee but the free flights I have earned have been great.

You do not need to cancel the card. Just put gas on it once a year and then go home and pay it off electronically. It does not cost you anything but you will have the benefits.

Hey there! How did you get an offer for the no annual charge card that also gives you a $200 gift card? I’d like to get my husband that offer. Is there a code on your offer?


I was wondering the same thing. My offer was a $200 statement credit with a $49 annual fee, or a $50 statement credit with a no annual fee card.

I signed up for the card with the $200 gift card offer (plus another $50 for an additional card) a couple months ago. The offer came in the mail with a special code you had to enter online.

@KatySugar it came in the mail but I’ve also seen statement credits for $200 on the Disney website itself. I think the offer I signed up for (the gift cards) was tailored specifically to us since we had to use an invitation code.

Canceling cards can impact your credit score, but depends whether you have high balances on other cards, and what percentage of total credit this particular card is of total.

But, as it is a no annual fee card, no need to cancel really, and can be done when FICO score is not as important (big purchases etc.)

For a free $200 (with relatively small usage) and the possibility of some semi-decent Disney perks, why not?

We just got one to get free dining a week early :). That’s exactly when we had already planned our trip, so well worth it. You also get 6 months of no interest when you book a Disney vacation on it, so that’ll be helpful. Other than that, we probably won’t use it much.

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