Disney Visa Rewards Card Lunch Discount

My first forum post, so forgive me if I do it all wrong! Do you know if you can get the 10% discount on dinning (w/ my Disney visa card) if you are eating at Hollywood and Vine for the Fantasmic Package and do you get it if you use the reward card not the actual Visa? Thanks!!!

The reward card is basically a gift card, so no discount would apply with that.

Thank you. I was wondering because a lot of the stores give you the 10% off $50 with the rewards card, but it seems to be hit or miss. I was wondering if anyone had any experience. Thanks!!!

Wait! I am confused now. You said the rewards card, not the Disney Visa. I have had a Disney Visa for about 10 years. Each trip I cash in my points and load my rewards card. I get a discount on my Visa, not my rewards card.

On the rewards card in Disney a lot of the retailers gave me the 10% last time and in the Disney store at home they always give me the 10% too. That’s why I wondered if the restaurants did it or if it was a fluke. I have only been a card holder for a couple of years so I don’t have a ton of experience with it.

I should not say a lot I know a shop near or in Norway and a place where we bought our Disney crocs for the kids when it was pouring did…so two but it seemed inconsistent because the space shop attached to ;-)Mission to Mars did not.

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So, I have received the 10% discount on my Disney Visa if I spent more than $50, but never on my rewards/ redemption card.

I was just on the Rewards site an hour or so ago and there is the discount with the rewards card somewhere (I think at the store with a purchase of $50+). I remember because I didn’t know what the rewards card was when I was reading it and now I get it!

So is this the Disney Visa credit card or the card you put your points on?

Just looked at the website again. The Rewards card is called a Rewards Redemptiom card, so it’s the card that you put your points on. Both can be used for 10% off select purchases and dining. I am assuming that the confusion is in what you “select” to try to use it on.

Thanks! I may just try it, what’s the worst they can say…1o% with 8 of us eating there will be souvenir for someone!

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Where do you see that? I can only find that the Visa can be used for the discount. I have looked at the question and answer section and the redemption section? Can you copy and paste the text? This is driving me crazy looking for it!

I’m curious now. I may have been missing out on discounts, and that’s so unlike me lol.

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Absolutely - I’ll do it when I am back at my computer later today.

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You mean the Disney Visa Credit/Debit card that you can redeem points for a gift redemption card? The only restaurant I have been able to get 10% off the bill not including alcohol was Sanaa by charging to my Disney Visa Credit card and it didn’t need to be $50.

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Ok found it! Under the Year Round Awards: Theme Park Perks: It says: 10% Off Select Merchandise7
Receive 10% off select merchandise purchases of $50 or more at select locations at Walt Disney World® Resort.

You can enjoy this discount any time during normal Theme Park hours. Just use your valid Disney Visa Card or Disney Rewards® Redemption Card and mention this offer.

Same language under dining as well!


Wow! Good to know…

You are a research genius

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Excellent detective skills!!


Yes, that’s it. My next trip will be the first time I have the card, so I can’t speak from experience but I can go prepared!

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