Disney visa reward redemption

I am planning a wdw trip for April 2018 for me, DH, DD(9), DS (4), my dad, my mom, and my brother. My moms coworker is in need of some cash and has asked that if she redeems her rewards from her disney chase visa would we be willing to give her the cash for the card to use on our trip Apparently she has $400 in rewards. We would use it to pay for food since we are not using the disney dining plan, we are planning on paying OOP or with gift cards we have bought/been gifted. Does anyone think we would have an issue using her rewards redemption card while on our trip or actually done this? We would like to help her out but a little nervous since it is a lot of money… thanks!

We used our Visa Disney rewards card last year during our Thanksgiving break to pay for food and drinks. Worked just like any other gift card. The receipt stated the balance on the card, if I recall correctly. You shouldn’t have any problems.

We used rewards to pay for part of our hotel room through Disney this year as well - we had to call in to use it (online wouldn’t take it that day, but the cast member on the phone was able to apply it without any issues).

Thank you!

I used mine last year for BBB and a few other food items around the park with no problem. I would say you should have no problem.

Thank you!