Disney Visa promo question


Has anyone used their Disney Visa to pay for their vacation and take advantage of the 0% apr for 6 months?
If so I was wondering do you still get the 2% Disney rewards when you do that? I know many promotions only give you 1 or the other so just curious??


There are two types of Disney Chase Visa cards. The first is the “Disney Visa Card”. It has no annual fee & pays back 1% on all purchases - including the 6 months / 0% vacations

The other card is the “Disney Premier Visa”. It has a $69 annual fee & pays back 2% on all purchases - including the 6 months / 0% vacations.

Does that help?

Hello. Yes thank you :slight_smile: I have the premier card. I just wanted to double check if I take advantage of the 0 % 6 mos Id also get the 2% rewards as well.
Thanks again!

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Yes, I have done this. They are two different offers. One on the purchase side, the rewards and the other is on the payment side of payment side.

These are two long time standard benefits of a Disney credit card.

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Yes. If you use the 6 months, 0% financing, you still get the 1 or 2% rewards (depending on the card you have). I’ve been making payments on an October 2022 cruise and have the points for $500 I’ve applied each month to the total cruise cost.


Thanks. One more question. For the 0 % APR, do you just make a payment and the promo automatically kicks in, or do you have to let the CC company know, or let Disney know when you’re booking it that you want to apply that promo??

If you have a package booked or a Disney cruise, you just make a payment and it automatically kicks in the promo. If you have room only, it does not apply.

It will look like this on your statement.

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Awesome thank you so much!