Disney Visa ins and outs

Can someone who regularly uses their card help me with all the info on how it works with booking and paying for packages with the 0% and also earning and redeeming rewards? I was thinking I could justify the cost of staying at the Disneyland hotel if I could get the signup bonus, plus earn lots of points on the cost of the hotel that would hopefully cover quite a bit of dining costs while there. I’m just not sure how all the earning/redeeming works. I know it’s not the best travel card, but for the purpose of this trip and $ savings I thought it might be worth looking into.

You get a separate card with your points or dollars or whatever it is on it. DH holds the Disney Visa card, and I hold the airline ones. So he knows more of the specifics on it. But I do recall him using a specific card to pay for things in April that was from the Visa rewards

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So basically you have 2 cards, 1 to charge with and 1 to pay with like a gift card?


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You use the Disney Visa card like a regular credit card. It builds rewards, 1% or up to 2% on certain purchases depending on what card you get (no annual fee or annual fee card). Your statement each month will show how many rewards you have earned.

When you are ready to use your rewards then you transfer them to a Disney Rewards redemption card. You then use the card like a gift card at the park or in the hotel.

We use our Disney Visa for most of our day to day purchases at home and just used our rewards on the redemption card to pay for almost all of our WDW meals for my family of 5 on our May trip. It was nice to have that paid for with reward points, when we used the redemption card the receipt would tell us the remaining balance after the transaction.

As for the vacation financing I am not entirely sure how that works. I have never carried a balance on our card and we just pay it off every month.


yes, you get a reloadable gift card. I have earned $400 in three months. That’s not nothing.


Yes, this is what I do too. I have used the card to pay for Disney things like ABD and I can see on my bill that there are different rates for different things. And so say my balance is $10k but only $5k says pay this statement to avoid interest. So I think the Disney card knows what is part of this 0% interest automagically.


The rewards card acts like a gift card. You choose when to transfer your statement rewards to your rewards card. It isn’t Exactly a gift card in that you have to select rewards card rather than gift card when using it for mobile pay, etc. But essentially the same. One further difference…if you pay for a meal or something where you qualify for a 10% discount with the Disney Visa card, you still get the discount with the rewards card as well, unlike a gift card.

Also, keep in mind you can use your statement rewards toward airline tickets as well AS LONG AS you haven’t transferred them to your rewards card.

I currently have $900 in rewards for our December trip using the Disney Premiere Visa card. The extra rewards more than covers the annual fee.


When you book a package do you have to charge it in full to get the 6 months ⁰% interest? Or can you make payments and get 0% for each payment?

I didn’t book things in full and it still put it in the 0% bucket. I paid the deposit for ABD and for the deposit on SWGS, then the full amount later.

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I don’t have an annual fee on my card.

When I booked our extra night room at All Star Sports, Visa alerted me that I could do the 0% interest for 6 months. I couldn’t see doing that for $220.

I don’t know how Disney Visa’s deal works but I do have 2 other cards with 0% interest if paid within a certain grace period (which varies). One is a Big O card - love spreading the tire cost out over a year with no interest. Edited: I figured the monthly payment ($1000/12 months) and paid a little more each month. The interest wouldn’t have kicked in until, in this case payment 13. And then it’s the full interest. All the interest of the thousand dollars in this example.

The other card I got thru our vet. Emergencies can be pricey and stressful. So calming to spread that cost over time at no charge.

I’m assuming the vacation portion of the Disney Visa is the same.

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