Disney Visa Help

Could someone with a Disney visa price out All Star Movies room only stay for Jan 24-28? My DF has one but can’t figure out how to see the resort prices with her discount. If it’s a better deal than what we currently have, I will get her card number and book it for us. Thanks!

Doing that now!

Please hold

I think anyone can look at the rates though - https://disneyrewards.com/offers/walt-disney-world-resort-savings-fall2023/

Sorry OBNurse, I’m just seeing your post!

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That’s interesting because I get this:

No visa discount

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I didn’t log in - I just used the link above. It’s separated from the other offers, I think.

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Maybe. I was on the consumer side but just checked the TA side or confirm the offer falls in those dates and I see it does.

What path did you take to get the offer

I’m going to search the dates using the TA side now

It’s definitely there!

Why, when I just did a quick search on the site - not logged in - did it not show me the Disney Visa offer as a consumer but it did for you?

Are you certain you’re not logged in?

I googled Disney Visa credit card deal, then “current offers” popped up.

I scrolled and I clicked on this:


I don’t think most people would follow that path. :thinking:

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100% certain. I’ve only ever been able to see Disney visa deals by doing it this way.

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I think that’s the goal…they want to offer discounts but only if you go through the credit card website. It’s bananas.

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That would be a new tactic. It’s never been that way before. At least in my memory.

If you go to the WDW main page, there is a section there that says offers and more. If you click on view all it shows almost all offers. But not that one.

But I can see it with zero effort on the TA side

Maybe it’s super new and not on this page yet? https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/special-offers/

I don’t know when it was released.

It was released on 9/19 so it should be there. But like you said maybe they now want you to go in that way? Which makes no sense.

Whatever Disney

Also: use a TA because as we discovered if I had logged into the TA sore vs going on the consumer site first I would have seen the offer without any effort or back door pathways.


I have a disney visa and can never see the visa discounts when I’m logged in. The only way I can see the Visa discount is to go to the Disney visa page and click the link to get me to the disney page like @NervousRex said


Maybe I’ve always automatically gone in on the TA side :woman_shrugging:t2:

Thanks everyone, it looks like the visa deal is a better one than the general discount. Once I have an AP, I will check the rates with that.

Do you want to know AP rates?

Or… if anyone can check the AP rate for the same stay, that would be awesome!