Disney Visa Friend Referral Promo?

Does anyone have a link to the referral promo for Disney Visa cardholders? I have a friend who would like to get the card and it would be nice to get a bonus. Thanks!

I don't think there is a link per se. Most of the time they send out a referral code that is good for a certain time frame but it seems to be random. I know lots of people that have gotten them but I've never received one. If you can them perhaps you can request one, but I do not know that for sure.

I received a booklet yesterday for the referral program, but there is not a link listed. It just has a phone number and some of my information for them to give when they are calling to get approved.

@SamTheEagle I received a booklet in the mail yesterday also. $200 gc when you spend $500 in the first 3 months. You can email me at: fairydust3882@hotmail.com and I can supply you with the codes needed to apply. If you'd like to go with jlyn since they repiled back first then that's ok also, no harm no foul smile But if they don't get back with you, drop me a line with "Disney Referral Code" in the subject line!

@PixieMinnie4 I believe @SamTheEagle already has a Disney visa and is inquiring where to get the referral codes from as they have a friend that they want to refer.

@Outer1 oh ok. well then, in that case....

@SamTheEagle you can tell your friend they can email me. smile

Thanks everyone for your kind offers so far! I was hoping there was some link I could generate from the Disney Visa website (or something like they used to have) so that I could get credit if my friend joined. Looks like I need to keep checking my own mailbox for those neat-o booklets!


@SamTheEagle I don’t know if it would help but call the number of the back of your Disney Visa and see if you can get some sent to you. Might work, Might not but asking never hurts :smile:

Thanks @PixieMinnie4! I’ll try that.