Disney visa discounts for early 2016?

Are Disney visa discounts out for early 2016? Read something but now can’t find it… Help please… Traveling 4/7-4/15/16

Yes - but you have to call to redeem it. I just booked room only discount at POP for a week from Holy Saturday thru Easter week - had it in my cart for weeks - brought the price down for 8 days/7 nights at the Pop with 8 day park pass to about $2,600 from $2,900…i’ll take anything I can get!

How do discounts for visa holders work? Do you call WDW reservations and ask for the visa discount?

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I’m interested too! :smile:

Yes, you call reservations and ask about the visa rate. They will ask if you are a current Disney visa holder and for part of your card number. They will then be able to look at the resorts you are interested in for your dates and tell you what it would cost.

Yes - I called this morning and got the discount!

I used it yesterday… You call Disney reservations directly and must use Disney Visa. There are two promotions… One, room only discount… Goes thru 4/13/16. Other, play, dine, stay… Goes thru Mid-march ( we are April trip so don’t recall exact dates)… The room only discount varies, had to change from Beach Club (15% only) to Poly to get a 25% discount. There are lots of rules, exclusions, etc… But that is normal. Goes public on Monday , 9/28…

When I searched around yesterday, it looked like room-only discounts were only valid on 2+ night stays.

I ended up booking through Orbitz since we are only staying one night before a cruise.

New discounts will post on Monday as well for the Disney Visa Play, Stay and Dine Package Offer. Haven’t been able to find out exact details- but Mousesavers has a little blurb here: