Disney Visa Cardholder Discount

I just got an email from touring plans that a room only discount was announced for my dates of travel. I went and checked the Disney World site to view the offer make a new reservation (after which I would cancel my original), but I didn’t see a discount listed of that kind. Am I missing something? Could it just be coming but not yet available? Do I need to call Disney to get the discount?

Here’s a link to the info. I do think it’s something you have to call to get. The discounts don’t go online until they are available for the general public.


Thanks so much! Just save $150 more on our trip.



Here is the link to the offer on the Disney website.

It doesn’t show up if you go to special offers on the website, but this link works.

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That is the stay, play and dine offer. Is there another link for the offer that goes into April?

Open that link, and then click View all special offers at the top right. Then choose the second one- that’s the room only offer. Or just go here:

I heard back from MVT for 3/31-4/4, the moderate discount was at POR, but standard only and I wanted a royal room. CBR was still the best (least expensive) option (booked with the visa discount) so for now that’s where we will be.

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Thanks! I emailed Brandi the other day to see what the MVT options are but she is out until next week.

I ran my February dates to see what the options were compared to my MVT rate and what the room discounts are for the discount-WOW! BC/YC/BW rooms for my April weekend all show an average rate of $500 or close to that. I expect they are only upper category rooms (I didn’t even look).

Thanks again for the link- last night I was looking on my phone!

Yes, rack rate is crazy high in April! Hope you can find a good deal.

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