Disney Visa Card holder questions


I have a Disney Visa Rewards Card and I have a few questions... (surprise, surprise)

Question 1.
I responded to the offer of $200 money back or credit for reserving your Disney Resort stay within 3 months of opening... I have done this. Is that $200 issued in the form of a payment or reduction in balance? or will it be issued in reward dollars? If reward dollars, will I be able to get those before we go on our trip in about 19 days?

Question 2.
As you probably know, the visa card offers a 0% financing on resort packages paid for with your card... I believe for 60 days... I was told that the interest free financing is ONLY for the package. If I link my card to my resort room, and then charge all meals and spending in the parks to the room, will this show as a package expense thereby allowing all spending to be including in the no financing offer? Or will they still separate meals and other incidentals from the package price and therefore everything outside resort package will accrue interest?

Question 3.
Will I need to carry the card on me regardless of linking it to our MB? I figure I will need it to verify ownership to participate in the special meet and greet at Epcot... will I also need to have it physically on me to receive shopping discounts or dining discounts? (though, I don't believe the dining will apply. the participating restaurants are so limited for 10% discount, not sure that we will even use any) Will simply having it linked to the MB get these discounts without physically showing the card?

Question 4.
This isn't necessarily a visa card question... but it might be. In the fb liners page I have seen many people posting pics of stacks of Disney Gifts cards they are using for their vacation... what's up with this!? LOL where do I find the magic gift card fairy and how to I get my own stack!!?? In all seriousness, are these most likely reward cards?


I just spoke to Chase... I got all these questions answered, except for the "stacks of Disney gift cards" sorry to waste anyone's time. I would delete this post if I knew how. Thank you


Many of us buy discounted Disney Gift Cards to fund our Disney Vacations Accounts or to pay for our Disney Vacations. There have been some recent changes to the whole gift card stacking processes but there are two active processes working that I am aware of 1) use a target red card and received 5% off Disney gift cards 2) Buy discounted Walmart gift cards from Raise (or other discounted GC seller) and buy Disney gift card at Sam's (~5% off) with your discounted gift cards. You can get ebates or swagbucks for your first $1000 in Raise purchases which can be used in turn for cash back or Walmart (and others) Gift Cards.


the resourcefulness of Liners AMAZES ME!!

I have a red card... but probably not enough time between now and Disney to do much with it.


Just drive to target and buy giftcards. You get the 5% off automatically when paying with a redcard.

Warehouse clubs like Sam's also offer small discounts.


I agree with @Outer1 you have time for at least the 5% savings at your local target with your red card.


We frequent Sam's so it is easier for us to get the discounted cards there or through their website. The website use to offer free shipping/handling, but now charges. The minimum fee is .99 cents which allows you to get the cards in 5-7 days. Since we are purchasing throughout the year, that time frame doesn't bother us.


You will need to bring the card with you to get the extra M&G and to get the 10% shopping discounts.