Disney Visa 10% Discount and Mobile Order

So I really should have gotten that Disney Visa when I first scratched the itch over a year ago so I could be cashing in on rewards now, but I’ve never been much for credit cards. But I’m seeing now that rewards can be very useful for feeding my addiction -er- passion?! And it says that you get 10% off of Disney dining when you use your card. I presume that means I have to physically present the card (rather than just having it linked to my MDE account and charging back to my room). In which case, do you get the discount when you do mobile order?

No. The 10% off is at select dining (that is, most TS restaurants).

Right - but the fine print says Sanaa and Kona, which are now offering mobile orders…(do you think they’re limiting it to TS only?)

Oh. Hmm. I see. I didn’t realize that there were TS restaurants on the list that allowed MO. That’s a good question. I don’t see how they could apply the 10% discount if you MO. But maybe they can!

I’m not a credit card person either, but I got the Disney Visa a few years ago. I pay EVERYTHING through it and in full each month. Because I haven’t been able to go since 2019 my rewards balance is really building up! (I’m thinking about staying at a deluxe hotel for the first time since it’ll be “free”)

Along with discounts, once things get back to normal, you get VIP meet & greets with characters that usually have no wait!