Disney Villians After Hours in the Magic Kingdom Question

Disney has announced they go up for sale 4/29. Will that mean they’re available on the website after midnight, or by website or by phone when the CS line opens at 6 AM Eastern Daylight Time?

The phone lines open at 7:00. They may be available online before that, but no guarantee.

Thanks so much! Checking the website now. You never know :slight_smile:

Edit: In case anyone was as excited as me: Nope. Not available yet. :slight_smile:

I had some questions regarding a different reservation I have already made so while I had an Events CS on the phone I asked about the Villain’s after hours. The CS said the phones start at 7 AM and he wasn’t sure whether the tickets would be up on the website then or not. He said sometimes for whatever reason a new ticket is only available via telephone the first day. Hope this information helps someone else.

I called about an hour ago and the CM told me they start at 7am both via phone and online. But who knows until we try?

Did you get your tickets??? On sale online at midnight. Phone CMs are often wrong. :upside_down_face:


Definitely went on sale at midnight. Booked June 13th for our party of 6.

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Yes! I stayed up late just in case and just got ours as well for July.

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I’ll be there with my DD24 and Dniece17 on the 13th, too!

Nice! Will be with DW and DD13. Being joined by FiL, MiL, and SiL. Will be celebrating the in-laws 50th anniversary.

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What a fun way to celebrate!

What did you search on website - I can’t locate event

Look under ‘things to do’, then ‘Disney After Hours at 3 Theme Parks’ in the blue section.

Thank you

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I got mine for 20th June if anyone else is going?
Do you think that Peter Pans flight and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh will be open? They aren´t mentioned on the list of attractions opened.
I´ve got EMM booked and I can´t see the point if I´m doing the Villains evening in having both if all the same rides are open.

Yep. I just logged in at 6:20am and they were on sale.

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I’m debating booking this night. We’ve got the HS one the night after and I’m not sure DS can do 2 late nights in a row (although both days are resort/pool days, so he could rest - if only he would!)

I´m arriving from the UK on the 19th , so will be absolutely knackered, but it looks like so much fun.

Just got my tickets for June 6th! I’m a little worried that this one is going to be crowded because it is the first one and all the bloggers and what not will be there, but fingers crossed it will be fine!

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F/u - I booked the After Hours and just cancelled my EMM. Our next day is just a resort/pool day so I figure he can rest up for the next one at HS all day. We missed the MK DAH on our February trip because of flight problems, so I really wanted to do it this time around. We’ll be there on 6/20!