Disney Villains After Hours event at MK

Coming this summer, June 6th to August 8th, at MK. Including Maleficant at night!


Any chance there is a list somewhere of which rides will be open? I found a couple of old lists including one on the Disney site but came up empty handed on a recent list.

They don’t specify, but it states this

“In addition to the usual Disney After Hours limited guest numbers, complimentary snacks and access to most attractions, there will also be additional offerings including:”

Which leads me to believe that is the same (or similar) as to the ride offerings during current DAHs.

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Understand, though, that there are not meet and greet opportunities. Simply a party with villains making appearances.

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We are hoping it will basically be the same as the “regular” DAH with the same low number of guests. We aren’t that interested in the villain aspect but just want to enjoy uncrowded rides and photo ops! :slight_smile:


I was originally only interested in the access to the rides. The bit about the Maleficent dragon coming out has me quite intrigued however. I bet she looks magnificent after dark!