Disney Vacation Account Site Down

Has anyone heard anything about when the DVA site will be back up. It’s been “down for maintenance” for the last three or four days. (It may have been longer, but I just happened to notice it about four days ago.)

It makes me a little nervous that a site that has our money and can even continue to accept payments into the account won’t allow us access to the site.

They had some glitches that were overcharging customers, so it could just be down while they try to fix that.

Thanks for the update and for the link. I’m planning to use the funds I have relatively soon, so I hope they have it up again shortly. It looks like I just need my account number when I make the purchase from the Disney site, but I didn’t note my account number anywhere since I figured I could just get it from the Web site when I needed it. They’re not very quick to answer their phones at this time either, but I’m sure they have a lot of customers calling them right now.

I was able to get through to them by phone. They are hoping for the site to be back up tomorrow, if everything goes as expected. It sounded like the issue is taking much longer that what they had thought.

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Yikes! Hope everything is ok with your account!

Me too. Fortunately, I haven’t been putting all of my vacation funds in it. I just signed up for it within the last couple of months, so I was kind of testing the waters for now.