Disney Trip - Contemporary Resort - Planning/Transportation

Headed to Disney Feburary 12-18 and staying at Contemporary - Magic Kingdom View.

  1. Plan on taking Uber from airport to hotel. Reasonable?
  2. IS there a way to request a higher floor room?
  3. Plan on walking to Magic Kingdom. Plan on getting to parks 45 minutes before opening. Is it best to use Uber for this? What’s easiest way to get to EPCOT from Contemporary currently - Uber/Monorail possible?
  4. Best to use Uber to park hop to same time? versus BUS…
  5. Does Uber pick you up near the buses at Contemporary and the other parks?


Uber/Lyft are definitely quicker than the bus and worth every penny in my opinion. Monorail to Epcot, transfer at transportation center is a good option. Everywhere else I’d Uber it. I’m hoping the Minnie vans come back, but I think that is unlikely. Enjoy!

Monorail to Epcot is currently closed. Only resort loop monorail is running currently. They are probably stuck with ride share to Epcot also (or bus).


One small addition. Monorail is running to TTC, CR, GF.

I have been out of the loop, but I believe tour past the touring plan room request deadline. When you arrive just go to the front desk and ask for a higher floor. As far as transportation goes. It is about a 10 minute walk to MK. I personally am not a fan of Disney transportation. The problem that arises is that they are opening the parks early but the parking lots are not opening with that much of a time difference. We will use Epcot for the example. They are staring to crack down on the mobile order at resorts if you are not staying there so trying to get into beachclub or boardwalk could be a challenge. Someone else can chime in, but has anyone thought about be dropped at the gas station right outside of the boardwalk and taking the path to the international gateway?

Someone actually made a video of the walk from the gas station to the IG. It was a 5-10 min walk… I think. I’ve also made breakfast reservations for one at compass and ale and been a no show figuring the $10 no show fee was a fair trade. Although I’ve not seen the charge show up. I have free parking as an AP holder but prefer the IG over main entrance

Just read this from ppehap that stated as a AP holder he got free parking. Is that at resorts as well as MK and the like.

Can’t I just uber to Epcot / AK / HS and arrive at front gate 45 minutes before opening time?

You can do a room request via TP. They do email them in now 30 days ahead but they will send it in when you make it.

And / or call the Reservations number and ask them to note it on your reservation.

An AP gets you free park parking, whether staying on or offsite. But you still have to pay for resort parking. All onsite resort guests get free park parking too.

Yes. Be aware that they are typically opening the parking lots just over an hour before park opening, with the parks opening around 45-60 minutes before the official opening time. If you arrive at the parking lots too early they will turn you away.

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Just an FYI I am a she :crazy_face::wink:

DVC mbrs get free parking when renting points and staying on site too. @Nickysyme cleared up parking questions

Ok so it is DVC members who get free resort parking and not AP holders?

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Yes… but if they are just renting a room like anyone else I think they’d have to o ppl say to park too. I can’t find the DVC benefit list to confirm.