Disney Travel Agent Question

How many months in advanced should I contact a Disney Travel Agent to book our trip?

You can make dining reservations 6 months in advance so I would say maybe 9 months if you have dates in mind. Then that way you could discuss resort options, dining options, and anything else you might need help with.

Here is a list of liner travel agents if you need some help finding one.



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We just used Magical Vacations Travel and are so happy we did. I’m a compulsive planner and have never liked the idea of leaving an agent in charge of our vacation but aside from booking and payment, you can do everything else yourself if you want. We saved about $700 on our trip by using them but you do have to book pretty far in advance (according to MVT agent) due to them having a limited quantity available.

I just used them as well for a December trip. Saved $300 on the room only reservation, I’m very happy with them.

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I saw the svgs with MVT and I also bit. I saved $800 with Darcy over my package booked prior to price changes that came in February. That’s substantial! I’m also on a family reunion cruise the day my ADR’s come and she will take care of it for me! I’m really freaked out about letting control go for that but if free dining doesn’t come out for my original package date this will save me alot of money. I still have a package saved with another agency just in case FD comes out on those dates bc that would still save us more than a RO discount. With a family of 5 we need all the discounts we can get! That agent was up when FD hit and that was a better deal for us over RO discount last year and she was up at 4am snagging it for us! That made me use a TA again!


Darcy at MVT is phenomenal- that’s who I worked with as well!

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