Disney Transportation to Water Parks

Does anyone know exactly how the Disney transportation to the water parks works? Have you tried it recently?

Four years ago we took the bus from Poly to Blizzard Beach. It was a bus to AK/Blizzard Beach which dropped us off at the water park before continuing on to AK. Leaving we could get a bus to any resort or park.

I’ve heard that is not how it works anymore. We want to go to both water parks this trip and would like to know what the setup is so we can plan for it. Any help is appreciated.

I know for TL you have to transfer at Disney Springs. I’m almost certain that for BB you transfer at AK.

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This is correct.

It takes forever.

This is a perfect and ideal situation in which to use Lyft or Uber or Minnie Van

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Has anyone done the bus to BB? We are planning to go directly from there to AK so we thought it might not be too bad.

We are probably going to drive ourselves to and from TL. How is the parking there?

It’s a quick ride. But to get “home” you have to go back to AK and transfer

So we take the bus to AK from our resort (POP), get off the bus at AK and switch to a bus for BB. Then to leave BB, we just get on a bus to AK. Is that right?

Do the buses run every 20 minutes or so?


Technically. But you could wait 20 at B.B., Travel, wait 20 mins, and Travel. A solid hour anyway. It feels interminable. I don’t typically mind Disney transport. This is one case where I do

We’re actually going to AK from BB, so it would only be the one bus. Right, or am I missing something?

No that’s accurate.