Disney Transportation or Drive Self?

We drive to Disney, and we’ve always driven to the parks rather than taken Disney transportation (except when we’re at a monorail resort and can either walk or monorail over). Since we’re a family of 6, it always seems easier to just drive and have our car ready when we’re ready to go.

Last trip, we took the boat from POR to Disney Springs, but the bus trip back took over an hour from the time we got in line until we were back in our room, so that kind of re-affirmed our decision to drive to parks. But, with MK, it seems like taking the resort bus has some merit.

We want to be at MK for the 7:45am Main Street opening (so we can get some breakfast, enjoy the shops, etc.). Our plan for the day is
MK 8-11:30,
Whispering Canyon lunch 12:30,
Break until 2:30,
MK 3-9.

Based on that, here are my questions:

  1. Should we use Disney transportation for the day or drive ourselves?
  2. If using Disney transpo, what time should we be at bus stop at AOA in the morning?
  3. What time to leave MK to catch boat to WL?
  4. What time to leave WL to get back to MK for 3:00pm?
  5. What time can we expect to back at AOA if we stay at MK until close?

You could easily do a combo of Disney/Self transport in this scenario. Drive to the TTC, Mono/Ferry to MK and then take the boat back and forth to WL mid-day.

I think leaving MK to get to WL at 11.30 will give you plenty of time to get to WC. The boat going back to MK won’t take long, it just depends if you catch a boat at the right time! They are fairly frequent, but I would maybe give yourself an extra 10/15 mins if you want to be at MK for 3 (if you have something booked, that is) if not you should be ok with the 1/2 hour.

We have had occasion to test Disney transport vs driving a few times. In every case, the driver was in the destination park 30-45 minutes before the rest of the family. I would drive to the TTC and then boat to WL for lunch. That makes the most sense to me.

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Sounds like the consensus is we drive to park, then boat to Wilderness.
Thanks for all the input everyone!!