Disney Transportation - Monorail vs. Bus

So I booked early breakfast reservations everyday of our June 2017 trip (6/10-6/17) and just read something on Pinterest that the Epcot monorail doesn’t start running until 8 am. We are staying at the Contemporary. Is this accurate? Are there buses that go from Contemporary to Epcot? Does anyone know what time they start running??

I had problems with a pre RD meal at Epcot from CR last December. They told us no busses and sent us to TTC via monorail. We got stuck at TTC as no buses were running. I was unhappy! I recommend Uber for that one. If that is not an option speak to bells services and make sure they have the pre RD bus coming for you. Don’t ask the front desk…they gave us the incorrect information.

What exactly is Uber? And is that an option w/ 4 little ones including a baby??

Nope Uber will not be an option due to car seat issues. Get down to bell services around 6:15-6:30am. Tell them you need a pre RD bus to EP and ask them where to wait. There should be a PRE RD bus around 6:45am. It it’s not there by 7:00 am go back to bell services and ask again.

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Thanks so much for the info! Do you know of this being an issue at other resorts as well?? My 4 year old has his heart set on Jedi training at HS so I was finally able to book 8 am breakfast at Hollywood & Vine one day too. I know we can walk to MK which is the major appeal w/ the resort since my kids will be 7,4,2 and a few months. We were contemplating switching to Port Orleans though.

You can walk to EP and HS from BC/YC and BW.

My last stay was POR. We had no issues with the pre RD bus there. We used it multiple times.

What is BW?

POR = Port Orleans Riverside??

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BoardWalk- all the resorts in the Baordwalk area (including the Swan/Dolphin have walking access to EP and HS

Yes, POR is Port Orleans Riverside- sorry- we will type out our answers!

Haha thanks! May be worth checking into I guess! Just was so excited to have such easy access to MK as that will be where we spend most of our time.

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