Disney Transportation during COVID

Does anyone know what park transportation is looking like currently? We are heading out in a week and I have a few resort dining reservations after the parks (for instance Cali grill at 6:30). Do you think it is likely I can take the buses from the resort to a park back to my resort (Riviera) or do I need to start looking at alternatives? I am solo with 2 kiddos, one who definitely needs a car seat and another who really should have one, so it makes Uber a little tricky.

I’m not sure exactly what time the buses stop to and from the parks, but you may have to end up taking the bus from the resort your dining at, to Disney springs and then back to your resort your staying at.

Depending on when you are finished eating it might be possible you could still catch a bus from the MK to Riviera. I would try that and if no luck then call Uber. In early August MK closed at 7, we left BOG at 8:30 and there were still plenty of buses there waiting for stragglers. They told us just pick one and say where you are going. Alone with littles, I wouldn’t mess with trying to go via DS. Welcome to the forum and Hooray for another brave parent taking the kids alone!!!

ETA: On second thought they may not let you through the path to MK after it’s closed, or maybe it is open, as I’m sure yours is not an unusual situation. May not be able to bus to another park either if they are all closed or nearly so.

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That’s crazy. I think that we will ride the Skyliner to HS and Epcot a bit later than others. I’d rather be waiting in my room than waiting in line.


If you are not caring about being among the first through the tapstiles to be first in line for your chosen headliners like MMRR you will be fine to use the Skyliner for HS for RoTR 10am if that is what you are aiming at. The only reason to be there to be at the front is to get onto a headliner before the 10am RotR drop. At least based on the experience the past couple of weeks

ETA. but to be there for the RotR drop, you do need to be in line before the Skyliner opens. How early, I cannot say and others will have better advice for you

Thanks! My husband and I can’t ride RotR, so we don’t really care about the drop. In fact, as far as I know, I can’t ride any of the rides at HS. I may be able to handle MMRR, but my husband probably can’t.

My daughter, on the other hand, can and wants to ride everything. Maybe she can ride over there by herself. Or take a bus to AK or MK and then one to BW and walk. That’s up to her, LOL! I know we want to ride the Skyliner at least once, but not when the lines are gigantic. Is there a separate line for mobility disabilities?

That is a great question and I do not know the answer but I cannot believe there would not be and others may know