Disney Tourist Blog has me freaked out about love-bugs, should we move our trip?

I’ve been right during this time of year - late April / early May. The only time it was noticeable was outdoor dinning. It was really difficult to sit and eat. However, when you are moving or in a queue it’s no big deal.

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Thank you everyone! We are really happy with our May dates and your reassurances have made me feel much better. We will go as planned - DH and DS17 would have been so disappointed to not be in SWGE on May the 4th. :sunglasses:


I honestly didn’t know if love bugs were insects or code words for people who get too frisky at the pool!!!
Glad to know it’s just the bugs!



I have loved going in May and would do it again (well, I am doing it again in three weeks but most likely the lovebugs will be mostly gone by then). The thing to understand about lovebugs is that they swarm. This is why you will hear so many varied experiences from “they covered my entire body from head to toe and I could only see out of two little holes around my eyes” to “yeah we saw a few but it was nbd.” They can be bad in one place and then across the park or on the other side of the resort, they are there but not terrible. We did see them on our trip, mostly in Epcot and at our resort bus stop. We saw a few outside our room. I am not sure we even saw one at the pool. If you happen to be somewhere they are swarming really badly, just go somewhere else in the park, or go to another pool or adjust your plans. You can’t avoid them entirely but I absolutely would not hesitate to go late-April/early-May again, it’s such a great time to go otherwise! Like said above, no matter what time of year you go there is going to be something undesirable.



I imagine they could be annoying when one ends up in the pool.



Good advice. The thing I would add is to have baby wipes with you. Love bugs are sticky when squished. So if you are sitting outside, wearing shorts, sipping a cocktail and having sparkling conversation with friends, and a love bug (or a coupling of love bugs) lands on your leg – then you cross your legs – that’s when the trouble starts. Squished love bugs are sticky like maple syrup. So baby wipes are very helpful for making it possible to walk away from that outdoor bar without looking like someone tied your knees together with a shoestring.

Honestly, I wouldn’t avoid WDW because of love bugs. Just be prepared for their habits (swarming) and their physical properties (sticky), and you’ll be fine.


Thanks for the tip, adding it to the packing list!