Disney to reveal "A Secret Walt Disney Company Project" on August 22 at D23

Anyone here going to D23? or seen, heard or read any rumors about this?

It was quietly added to the agenda of D23.

A couple of stories have surfaced so far Mickeyblog.com and Themepark Insider

There are lots of rumours and lots of speculation.

Unlikely to be parks related, there’s a panel for that already. New resorts and the Skyliner were also announced as part of the normal panels. There again, it could be a new land at AK, new pavilion(s) at WS, but hard to see why those need their own hour discussion.

Possibilities include: something to do with the Augmented Reality stuff (like the void), the new technology to do with the “black box” rides, the new DCL Island. Could be something that affects employees.

I wonder if @len has heard anything, maybe he could share on the Disney Dish Podcast.

Actually he did give a biggish clue over on WDWMagic:

“I hear it’s not related to parks, products, or services - it’s more of a feel-good thing for employees and the company.”


Yeah, I don’t think this is anything for consumers.

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Great, thanks for the information and the response.