Disney to close again

Disneyland Paris will be closing again as France goes back into lockdown.

What? You think you people are the only ones with a Disney park?



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Lucky you went when you did, Matt.

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Were you still scheduled to go back or had you cancelled your second trip?

My next DLP trip is scheduled for July 2021

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This is why I booked WDW for next May…I think it’s gonna end up being 2022 before I can reschedule my 2020 trip to DLP. And I have big plans for Tokyo 2023 and have made promises to my best friend’s kid (who is 17 now and will be an adult then) that we WILL do Tokyo Disney in 2023 so I sure hope it’s over by then at least or I’ll be a liar. I am sorry you are losing your park again…I am really sad about Paris.


Wow! That’s pretty bad.

Glad you were able to make it at least once this year

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There is already talks of lockdown #2 in America. I have seen references to lockdown 3 in spring of 2021 at least in canada. Both Fauci and Gates talk about pandemic 2, and according to Gates, pandemic 2 will get our attention. Not sure why he would need to say that - the first one was (and still is) pretty noticeable . Gotta watch that interview clip and judge for yourselves.

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I keep typing and deleting a la @PrincipalTinker. She’s taught me well.

As the first lockdown was poorly received in much of the US, I predict a second one will go over like a load of bricks. #LORDhavemercy


Ummm…no. One thing we did learn in the spring is that the “lockdown” was totally unnecessary for 95% of the country.


I am confused on your “no” answer. Parts of US are still under lockdowns (e.g. DL is still not open), curfews, restrictions, and mandatory mask coverings. And watching what is happening in Wales, UK, and Australia is very troubling.

I would agree destroying a nation/state/city economy via lockdown is far from optimal and not necessary.


I think “no” means no WAY will they pull off another lockdown. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No “national” lockdown.