Disney Themed Backpack

I’m looking to get a Disney themed backpack for my trip next month. The problem is all I am finding are mini backpacks or children’s backpacks. Where are the adult-sized “manly” backpacks?

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Something like this?

No. I’m looking for something less busy than the one you posted. Thanks though.

how about this one?

this one is marketed as “womens” but seems pretty universal to me. maybe it’s the sizing?

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Here is another JanSport pattern:


Similar to the one @dianelynn posted. I’m not sure it is a woman’s, only that it was listed as such on Amazon. Other sites that carry the same pattern don’t call it women’s. But, I do think the size is a bit smaller than some of JanSport’s offerings, so if you are a petite woman, it probably isn’t too big.

do you have an example of a “manly” backpack that you’d be after that isn’t Disney Related?

Perhaps this:

(Yes. I jest!)


I’m not a woman at all.

My point was that it may have been advertised as women’s simply because the size isn’t overly big and would be appropriate for a petite woman.

But judging from the looks of it, it isn’t TOO small, since it accommodates laptops, etc. I’m not sure one would want something the size of a full-size JanSport used to lug stacks of textbooks around campus!

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