Disney Springs...why do people like it?

Hey Everyone,

I went to WDW last year and went to Disney Springs. To me…it seemed like a mall area and nothing more. I did not see what all of the hype was about. Maybe I missed it, or was just in a bad mood. We ended up bowling and eating some snacks, however I felt that bowling was over priced…the snacks were too but delicious. I would like to know your thoughts on this place…maybe there are some hidden Gems I did not consider.


For me, Disney Springs is entirely about Raglan Road and Cirque du Soleil.


Disney is great at building hype, if nothing else. You’re right. It’s just a glorified (Disney-fied) shopping center. If you like shopping, especially for Disney merch, then it’s fun. Some good places to eat too. And, it’s a decent break from the parks. It’s especially fun if you can get there easily, like a boat ride from POR.

Disney Springs was never my cup of tea, but on last visit we went and I thought it was great. Construction is done and it really impressed me. It has a vitality and a cool vibe. We went to Splitsville and liked it. Is it overpriced, yes, but what in Disney isn’t? Family always goes to Ghiridelli’s

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I will go to Disney Springs for a meal. Raglan Road is one of my favorite restaurants. At night, there uasualky are musicians spread around.

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My family is staying off site and will be at the parks for 4 days + Universal for 1 day, so we are using the beach and Disney Springs to help split up the break days. I’ve read great reviews about the food and we’re totally fine with window shopping, especially at the Lego store and Christmas store.

It’s “free” and our kids enjoyed the kid-themed stores there, that’s about it :slight_smile: We ate at the Rain Forest Cafe, I’ve always wanted to try it. Food was meh, won’t go back.

Another place “on site” that doesn’t get as much publicity is the Boardwalk area. You can walk or take a boat there from most of the Epcot hotels. There are a couple restaurants, and a really fun piano bar. It’s smaller than Disney Springs, and less shopping. But a nice place to have a drink and a meal, if you need some variety…but don’t want to leave the compound.


Love the Boardwalk