Disney Springs to MK?

What is the quickest way to get to MK from Disney Springs? And how long does that take?

There is no direct bus. Quickest would be a cab or uber to CR and walk. Or take the bus to CR and walk or a bus to any monorail resort.

Thanks! I might try uber to the Poly, since that is where we are staying. Do you happen to know if the stores at Disney Springs take Disney gift cards?

I would ask first but I have used gift cards and Disney visa redemption point cards in lots of stores. I have never been told no.

Thank you! That helps.

I highly recommend to walk to Disney’s Contemporary Resort and then take a bus to Disney Springs. There are signs clearly marked around he Magic Kingdom motor coach station that direct your towards the pathway to Disney’s Contemporary Resort. The walk is tops 15 minutes long.

Yes. I used the gift cards to pay off room charges. On the last day before we left we used gift cards for any purchases that day.

Thanks for the help!