Disney Springs Star Wars VR & larger-sized guests

I am fairly certain this has been discussed on chat or here, so I apologize for a repeat question. Those that have done the Star Wars VR experience at Disney Springs…do you see any issues wearing the vest? Thanks all!

I had no idea this was a thing, but I can’t imagine so long as one can fit in a normal Disney ride that there would be any serious issues. I don’t see any restrictions. For absolute clarification, you could hit up the chat or call them?

So what is this? Essentially laser tag with a vr headset? Can you do it alone? NOT asking for a friend. LOL :smile:

Hello. We were in Disney last week and did the Star Wars VR. It was AMAZING! We loved it so much, we went a 2nd time. It is hard to explain how cool it is! You are totally in the action and actually walk around the “set”, not just stand in one place and look around. I do not think you will have a problem with the vest. It is like a lifejacket. It has 4 clip closures in front that can be adjusted. Then, there are 2 other adjustments, one for the waist and another that tightens the vest from top to bottom. This is to make sure the vest is not bouncing around. There is some weight to it as it holds a computer. My husband is 5’ 10" and 225 pounds and he had no problem. Do not know if that helps.

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Randall, sorry, I did not answer one of your questions. Yes, this is something you could do alone. The only downside is you do not experience seeing others as their VR person. But, not a huge deal. The “experience” is the same if you are in a group or single. There is a max of 4 people that can go at a time. I do not know if they would put you in with another small party. There were parties of 2 ahead of us that went, but no singles when we were there.

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Awesome, thanks!!