Disney Springs Rides

On arrival day, I’m planning on going to DS and we will do the train and carousel there. The website says for the train, height 48 inches but below it says under 42 just be accompanied by an adult. I’m assuming the latter is correct? However, I’m having a hard time believing an adult can fit on that train.

Both my kids are under 42 - can both adults ride train and carousel for free then?

Are there usually lines for these?

I didn’t even know DS had rides!

Can you link the page from the website?



Says that the accompanying adult does not need to pay!

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The height on the train is conflicting. I imagine it’s under 42 must be with an adult but I can’t imagine going in it.

I’m guessing that this height restriction is a LOT different from the 3 checks at EE and BTMR, etc. Especially since 42" is awfully high for a Disney ride! (Agreed on the conflicting 42/48.) How old is your DS?

2.5. Also have a 4.5 yo. They would love to tide together alone since they won’t be able to in the parks.

It says underneath both rides that those under 42” need to be accompanied.

I think the 48” at the top is an error!

Update - the train is actually 36 in to ride alone - go figure! And no lines!

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