Disney Springs Questions

Hello everyone. I have a few questions about Disney Springs.

If I was hoping to do just a quick trip to Disney Springs, how long would it take me to go to World of Disney, The Lego Store, and the silhouette portrait booth?

Where would I find the best selection of Mickey Ears and hats? I was assuming that would be World of Disney. Does anyone know if the sell the star wars light up ears?

We are going to roll into town around 4pm after an 8 hour drive. I plan to take the family out to an early dinner at 5pm at Fogo De Chao and then a quick trip to Disney Springs. Is this doable with the above agenda mentioned?

Any other tips for me on Disney Springs, anything a DD3 or DD5 shouldn’t miss while there?


If you are driving stop at one of the Disney Character Warehouses. You can save a lot of money.

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I would mention that WOD is currently being refurbished, and as such, has only about 1/3 to half of the merch / size it normally does.
We had to go to each parks main store to find everything we wanted / would usually find at WOD.
We didn’t really look for ears, but I will say the selection at Le Chapeau in MK was sad. They seem to have more ear headbands than ear hats these days.

Difficult to say @DisneyChaos, I can spend about an hour at WoD and the Lego store each. I guess about 30 minutes each minimum? They’re relatively close by so I think you don’t have to worry about that and they close late so you can make it after your chao dinner. I think it’s a great idea to end the day there!!
Don’t know about mickey ears though, I didn’t notice them last time I was there.
I hope you enjoy your trip!

You lost me at “quick” dinner at Fogo - I. Don’t think I’ve ever spent less than 2 hours there…

World of Disney would be the best choice for ears/hats.

Regardless of what you do at DS, with parking and walking’ it’s going to be at least 2 hours.

I don’t know about the silhouette studio; there may be a wait there. WOD is so huge and has so many distract - especially with kids, it can be a major time sink, unless you are very focused. The same could be said for the LEGO store. You’ll also have to figure in traffic and drive times. by the time you get back to your hotel I imagine it would be close to 10:00 PM. After an 8 hour dive (my usual drive) that would be pushing it for me solo - I’m not sure how well the kids would hold up (unless they sleep the whole car drive). I hope you’re not planning RD the next morning.

Not sure how it is during the refurb, but when I’ve been there there was a whole room of just head gear.

Really?? Wow. I was looking for a stormtrooper so I kinda focused (obsessed) on that. Didn’t notice ears.

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Yes, the parking now is quite distant from the Springs and the traffic is slow moving.

We LOVE Disney Springs. Something about the ambiance, particularly in the evening.

Anyhow, WoD is big enough that I get lost in it. Easily spend an hour or more there looking around. While it doesn’t have EVERYTHING, it carries MOST of the stuff you would find at the stores in the parks.

Lego Store is fine. We go in. But I have to admit, I get bored quickly simply because the moment I see the price tag on those Lego contraptions, all interest goes out the door. (BUT, I secretly long for the day that someone will buy me that $800 Millennium Falcon set! Any takers?)

As far as time it takes. Even if you aren’t doing much, I’d allocate a couple hours, including time to walk from the parking garage/buses to your destination, plus time for getting a snack, and just walking around taking it in. Actually, you didn’t mention if you are driving there or taking the bus. But the parking garages are really cool! The green light system for finding empty spots is just genius. All parking garages should use them! It helps speed up the time it takes to park.

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We will be driving and will be in an electric vehicle. I have read that the parking decks at Disney Springs have chargers for electric vehicles somewhere.

Oh. I think I remember seeing some. We usually park on the roof of the parking garage, so that’s probably where I saw them. Not sure if there are others elsewhere.

ETA: Yeah. Looks like the roof of the DS parking garages according to this:

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Thank you for confirming that for me. I had heard the were on the top level but I wasn’t sure.

Great article, thanks for sharing!