Disney Springs PhotoPass Studio

Just have to say that we got some great pics from the photopass studio in Disney Springs. Totally worth the stop.



Gorgeous pics!! Is this an extra cost or included with Memory Maker?

Greta pictures!

Included! Totally awesome. They were great with my family. Easily one of the best sets of pictures all week.


So cute!!

That’s awesome! Did you need a reservation or just show up?

Just show up. We had no wait for the digital background photographer and a very short wait for the other. It was a Monday night and rainy so may be more of a wait other times.

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Included with Memory Maker.

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What about outfits? We’re those yours or did they have those too? The pics are great by the way. Thanks for the info!

Our outfits, available on Amazon. I bought them for their Moana themed birthday party last August.

Where exactly is the studio in Disney Springs?

In the Marketplace.

Thank u :blush:

What cuties!

Beautiful pictures!

Great pictures, thanks for posting.