Disney springs not to be missed touring for holidays

My family and I are going to take a day to go to Disney Springs. We already heard great things about where to eat so we are going to Homecoming for lunch and Raglan Road for dinner. What else fun is there to do especially for little ones?

I haven’t been to Disney Springs in two years. It was called Downtown Disney then. Disney Springs is like a big shopping mall. Only difference is there mostly in separate buildings. The biggest Disney items store is there, not to mention the LEGO store. A store that has every Christmas Decoration you can imagine is there and many places to eat such as The Rainforest Café and T Rex which I hear the kids love but it is quite loud. Never been there but I have been to Rainforest Café which is a national restaurant. There also is a area the kids love that squirts water out of several little spurts out of the ground. They get soaked and love it Hope it is warm out. However Disney Springs is a large area with a lot of walking. They will get worn out. I believe there is also a carosel there. Have fun and plan at least 3 to 4 hours to shop and another 1 to 2 hours to eat.

I am also looking forward to a DS visit during the holidays. We will have photos taken with Santa (you get a pager instead of waiting in line). They also have a Christmas tree path or something like that that sounds interesting. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of info out there and you really have to dig to find what there is. Good luck and I’ll post back if I come up with anything else.

I knew about santa too . I also heard about some kind of drone in the sky light show. Don’t know when, where or schedule though. Maybe someone else does .

Thought I would update u on something I just read on another thread about "something else " to do at Disney Springs. One of the other liners posted about a photo pass opportunity that is available. It’s free with memory maker and includes a photo session with digital pics etc. The info is posted under the "latest "posts now if u need more info

Last year they had a special meet and greet / photo op with the Coca Cola polar bear. I had it on my wish list, and then we completely forgot about it both times we went to DS. So sad about that still! :sob:

Yes, I’ve seen that before as well. It is there year round, but I hope they have Christmas overlays during the holidays. I also looked up the drone show after you mentioned it on a previous post. Definitely something to check out if it is available again this year.

@Nickysyme, Thanks for the reminder about the Coca Cola bear - I had forgotten about that one.