Disney Springs Murals and Photo Opps

We haven’t been to Disney Springs before and I’m trying to map out where we’d likely go, because I don’t think DS4 will have enough stamina to walk the whole thing. What are your favorite photo spots? We’re already planning on the Winnie the Pooh spot and the Lego store. Also, does someone remember which garage is open?

I’d also love more specific information about where this wall is if anyone knows.

We’re heading over today, so I guess I’ll have to figure it out.

There were a couple of cool topiaries last time we were there.
Also, not sure if the photo studio is still open or not but we got some great pictures done there too.

Sorry I can’t be more help with any other questions, but I hope you have a nice time.

I prefer to park in the lime garage when driving since the escalator that leads
Into DS (from lime) is more centrally located and therefore requires less steps. Orange garage is at the far the away from World of Disney. Lime is closer to Polite Pig

Lime garage is closed (today/currently?) so we ended up walking a good portion of it today. But it wasn’t too bad.

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Oh, the last time we went (Dec) Lime was open. We were so grateful too.