Disney Springs Hotel Closed Until May 1st **UPDATE 3/25**

I just read this on Kenny the Pirates’s site: https://www.kennythepirate.com/2020/03/21/disney-springs-hotel-not-reopening-until-the-end-of-april/

Thanks for posting, we had reservations there from April 8-13. We were waiting to see what Disney would do in terms of reopening before we canceled. Even if WDW does decide to reopen before April 8, we have to find another hotel that will be open. Does this mean we’ll lose our Fastpasses? Are they linked to the hotel reservation?

I’m taking this as an indicator that WDW will not be open. I read a blurb elsewhere this morning that peoples’ reservations and plans for April…not all but some…had disappeared from MDE.


Not surprising. I’m thinking you’ll won’t see anything open until after Memorial Day


I noticed this too for my late April trip. Fishing trip, cabana rental, Fantasmic dessert package, and Droid Depot all missing. No refunds just yet though (pre-paid for fishing trip and cabana rental).

We are going to reschedule for next April. Super bummed to see my countdown go from 30-395, but I know it’s all for the best.

The plus side? Hopefully, a few more new attractions will be open and DD should be tall enough for FOP and EE next year, whereas this year she is not.

I’m just hoping my DVC point rental reschedule works out. Fingers crossed for that.


I’m hearing other saying that their April reservations are missing, too. I just checked and everything for our April 10 trip is still showing in MDE, including Droid Depot. Very strange that some would disappear and others are still showing!


I checked and my April reservations (FP+ and Dessert party) are all still there. Although, I am not hopeful that they will be open. Just can’t pull the trigger to cancel it myself


I took another look and my Droid Depot and Fantasmic are still there. The fishing and cabana are definitely gone though. :laughing:

It’s weird how they decide what to leave and what to remove…our fishing excursion for April is still there!

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just to clarify … it says that ONE Disney Springs hotel is closed until May 1st … Hilton Lake Buena Visata Palace.

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Very strange indeed! I haven’t received any email alert or anything… no refund. Just - missing from my plans.

Actually - I just logged in on my laptop and both are still there. I feel like a nerd. For some reason, they are not showing in the app. :laughing:

Not that it matters much. I’m assuming my trip will not be happening. :persevere:

Yup, same here…Ugh, and just this second got the ‘your room request was successfully sent’ email from TP. I see no way this will happen, but will keep it alive until the bitter end.

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I just got mine too :laughing: We must be “arriving” on the same day!

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