Disney Springs Hotel and getting to the parks

We will be staying at the Drury Hotel in Disney Springs for Labor Day weekend. What is the best way to get to MK and HS? Bus or Uber? Do we have to be dropped off at the Ticket center?

Busses from those hotels are a mixed bag. I believe those would drop you at the TTC. You can walk to DS and take the bus from there which will drop you at the MK entrance. Rideshare will drop at the TTC.

Rideshare should be the fastest but the most expensive.

In Nov my plan is to walk and take the Disney bus from DS to the parks but rideshare back. I’m not rope dropping and don’t mind the walk to the bus in the morning, I’ll probably grab a snack or shop on the way.

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You can take a bus from DS to a resort near a park but not directly to a park. For MK you would go to CR or GF, EP is a boardwalk area resort (or skyliner), AK - any resort.

The issue is those DS buses don’t start early enough for rope drop?


Didn’t they have that in the past? Ugh!

You could also walk to Saratoga Springs and take their busses - about a 1 mile walk on google maps?


Nope. At least, not in the past like 20 years. :slight_smile: They don’t want folks by-passing paying for parking by parking at DS instead and taking the bus.

This is possible. I’m not sure what time they open the walkway between SSR and DS, though. Someone may need to chime in. I know at some point, you couldn’t just walk over to SSR too early. Not sure if that is still a thing, though.

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Maybe I’m thinking of the other way, busses to DS direct from the parks…did they used to have that?

Yes. They still have that, although I don’t believe it starts until sometime in the afternoon.

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I do not think the parks to DS buses (used to be after 2) started again after Covid .

I also am concerned the SSR path is closer to 9am and someone unfamiliar has to find that path and then the Congress Park bus stop?


Ah. That could be.

The Congress Park stop should be easy to find as long as they find the path (and that the path is actually open).

Personally, I’m thinking it best to check to see the bus schedule from the hotel itself. They probably don’t run as often, and you might have to “book it” ahead of time (not sure…just something I’ve seen on Vlogs for some DS hotels), but it still might end up being the most sure-fire way. It is annoying that you get dropped at the TTC for MK, but it isn’t a huge deal if you are there early enough.

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During MW 2020, I walked from the Holiday Inn to SSR to get on the bus that would take me to the Half Marathon. At 2:30am, I used the overpasses and walked on the backside of Earl of Sandwich to get over to SSR.

Once you are at SSR, the congress park stop is a good one to use.

It has been a few years, and I am not sure if they will allow you to take this path anymore (as mentioned above).

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Hi @jennc0152!

I’ve recently done the walk from the Drury to Disney Springs. It’s more of a hike than you’d think. So I’d use an Uber to get to the parks.

You don’t have to be dropped off at the TTC. One drop-off point is the Contemporary, where you’ll have to go through the guard gate to get in. If that’s not your style, the drop-off over at the Grand Floridian Wedding Pavilion does not have a guard. That would be my first choice. From there you can monorail or boat to the MK (or walk, if construction isn’t happening.)


Thank you all for your help! I plan on doing rope drop at both parks. Going to try the rideshare and drop off at Grand Floridian or possibly Contemporary… I will let you know how it goes!

Definitely don’t depend on the busses.

The walk from the Doubletree to DS is long. Especially after closing MK. I guess that’s the DS to Doubletree walk. :thinking:

There are not direct buses from DS to the parks.

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Thanks, yes, I was incorrect about that.

Wanted to be sure you didn’t trek over there early in the morning and wait for a bus that wasn’t coming.