Disney Springs Dinner


We check in about mid-day the first day of our trip. Not hitting the parks until the next morning. We want to do dinner at Disney Springs. It’s Me (33) husband (33) daughter (12) daughter (10) and son (6). We did T-rex last time and they loved it. I don’t want to miss out on an awesome (though affordable) dinner, because we played it safe and went the same route. Would you please give me your votes and thoughts on where to dine?


Oh and we are going late November of this year so it’s our first time seeing the Christmas decorations!


Raglan Road. Superb food and really good entertainment.


We loved Raglan Road a few years ago. The entertainment was fun and the food was good.


My first thought was Raglan. The combination of great food and entertainment always makes this my choice.


Good atmosphere for the whole family?


Irish step dancing. There are you tube videos if you want to check it out. My son and daughter (and I) loved it.


Plus usually live music!


Yes fabulous for kids and adults.


When we went last year, they seated us away from the main stage so to make up for missing most of the shows they had a few dancers come over and do a small performance on a makeshift tiny stage and then give a mini-lesson to any kids who wanted to join in. My daughter had a blast learning a few steps. (Sort of learning. She was only 3 at the time.) I’d say very family friendly.


Oh good! This seems like a not-to-be-missed dining experience. I’m making the reservation now!