Disney springs date night restaurant

I’m looking for ideas for a restaurant to eat at for our date night in dec in Disney springs or the boardwalk area.
kids will be in lilo’s playhouse for the evening. We aren’t drinkers. At all.

Hubby was supposed to come up with all the plans, picked a restaurant and now can’t remember which one so is asking for ideas. The only thing I know about that night is that we’re going in the hot air balloon at some point. Because I demanded it haha. Everything else is a mystery!

Would appreciate any ideas!

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Oh! So many choices! Most of the really good restaurants in the Boardwalk area are signature dining: Flying Fish, Yachtsman, BlueZoo, Shula’s. You can grab a nice meal at Crew’s Cup and the bar at BlueZoo but both are bars/lounges. Disney Springs has so many to choice from! I think you should start with price point- two credits or one? One credit: Raglan Road, Homecoming and I have heard great things about Frontera Cocina.

In DS Paddlefish (the former Fulton’s) just (re)opened and it has been getting excellent reviews. Morimoto’s is excellent Asian fusion and sushi. I was unimpressed with the Boathouse; cool place for a drink (which you don’t) but I thought it was very overpriced compared to other Signatures for what you got, and it was probably the most disappointing “high end” steak I’ve had. On the less expensive side, Raglan Road is one of my favorites; it has everything from “pub grub” to steaks, seafood, and chops - and great entertainment.

Thanks for the suggestions. There’s heaps to consider. We’re paying for this one OOP and aren’t scared of the bill. At least I’m not! It’s a very belated 10th anniversary celebration so we’d like to make it special. DH isn’t the most adventurous eater either.

I’m considering pushing for the Starlight safari and maybe convince him to try Sanaa? I know it’s completely NOT in the areas I mentioned! Lots of options to think about!

We’re planning on narcoosees for the last night of our trip.

I enjoy Sanaa but the view is part of the experience and will you be going there at night (no view)?

I would only consider Sanaa if during daylight hours for the animals, and if I was taking my kids along. My DD15 loves it and has for the past 6 years. My DH did not like the food at all and he is very adventuresome. For date night…Flying Fish, Jiko, California Grill, Morimotos, Paddlefish, or the Boathouse (for seafood, not steak). Lots of good choices!

Thanks again. That’s good info re: Sanaa. DH is NOT keen to spend any part offers night with night vision goggles on his head. Party pooper. He is interested I dining with the animal specialist for lunch though. Looking into menus mentioned for the evening :smiley:

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So just to be annoying, DH has decided he would prefer QS and to wander instead of having dinner. Need new ideas!

Quick service? Then you need to go to Disney Springs! Wolfgang Puck Express would allow you to have a QS with great food on real plates! Blaze pizza gets lots of love! There are take out window at Morimoto’s and Fontera’s, food truck…

Thank you. I thought I’d heard good things about Wolfgang pucks. There’s so much info in my head I can’t keep it straight anymore!

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