Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail

Is it better to go during the day, or at night?

We went last year both during the day and at night. I really enjoyed it at night with all of the lights and of course they do the fake snow. During the day was definitely better to see all of the details but you lose the effect of the lights. I will say, avoid weekend evenings at all cost - we attempted it one Saturday night and turned around, it was too crowded to enjoy. During the week was much much better

Thanks! I figured night would be better, but I am struggling to fit in all the evening activities that I want to do!! I will definitely be avoiding the weekend, it’s Black Friday.

How long did it take you? Was there a wait?

I made the mistake of going on Saturday evening during Black Friday weekend. All I can say is, don’t. I never even made it to the trail. Within 15 minutes of getting off the bus, we turned around and left.

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It really depends how much you want to stop and look at each tree, take pictures…etc. I am not good with strolling leisurely so I think the first time we did it, it was maybe 15-20 min. But, if you really stopped at looked at each and every tree and took time to soak it all in, maybe 30 min? They are very beautiful so I am sure there are some who could spend more time if that suited them.
The Saturday evening was wall to wall people and it looked to be really slowly moving and there was a line before you even got to the entrance. But the other times (we went a total of 3 times with various different family members) we didn’t wait all, walked right in, no line at all and not too crowded.

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Me either, especially with 3 little one in tow!!

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When do they start taking down the decorations?

We went last year on 12/20 which was a Thursday. Had a leisurely dinner at Raglan Road, did some shopping, let the kids run around and blow off some steam, grabbed some adult beverages (and snacks for the kids). Once all that was done we did the tree trail on our way to the Lyft area. I would have spent longer but the kids kept rushing forward to the next tree. I think we were done the whole thing in 15 minutes with no wait to enter.

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I didn’t know this was a thing. Guess it’s going on the list.

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Me too! And I’m so excited, my mom will love this!! This is why I love our forum so much, I learn about new things all the time!!

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Yes, I saw it mentioned in another thread. I have a love/hate relationship with all the knowledge. It seems like every time I have my plans settled, I learn about some awesome new thing!