Disney Springs Brunch?

DSis, BIL, and I are thinking about doing brunch one day this weekend. It looks like most Disney brunch options are at Disney Springs. Currently have ADRs at Raglan Road and House of Blues. Anyone have experience with brunch at either of these? Are they worth the trip to Disney Springs?

Brunch at Homecoming or Chef Mickeys are good too

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RR brunch was great! We had Open Table reservations for 11am. They had a band and dancers around 12-12:30pm that started right before we were heading out, wish we would have stayed. Will be going back to RR next trip probably dinner this time.


I have been to the Raglan brunch. I prefer it to Homecoming. Wine Bar George is another amazing option.


It’s not on your list but City Works brunch was really good. We liked the Rock and Roll themes of the dishes.