Disney Skyliner officially opens on September 29th

Per the Disney Parks Blog


Of course, my next visit ends on Sept 28th


Isn’t that always they way! :crazy_face:

Mine ends on the 27th. I’m kind of ok with not being the guinea pigs on this one.

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liking it’s opening then…not liking your trip ends the day before :frowning:

Does anyone think they will ever expand to AK? Maybe via Coronado Springs? It would be nice to have some sort of alternative transport to AK. I’m thinking doubtful, since it is a bit far. I wonder how long that trip would take …


According to Jim & Len on the latest DisneyDish podcast that is indeed the long-term plan. But no dates yet and it sounded like they thought it depended on the skyliner being a big hit as well. I think they talked about it in an earlier podcast as well.

Edited to add: I tracked it down—the prior podcast where they discuss expansion plans for the skyliner is DisneyDish episode 177.


Great discussion - thanks for sharing this episode!

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I wasn’t interested in using it but now I am. I will probably find an excuse to ride it.

Yeah… I was planning a stay at Pop just to have this available. However, the rates for that hotel have jumped to almost “moderate” pricing. I may just stay elsewhere and slip over to ride it once for the experience.

We were at AoA and it was cheaper to do 2 rooms at ASMu so we moved.

Ironically, as soon as I wrote that, I saw that Disney Visa cardholder prices are out. I found rooms at Pop for $125 through the end of September. Before the exact date of the Skyliner opening the same dates had Pop at $199.

Wow. I would love for a similar Passholder discount to show up. I’d move us all.

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How did you hear about the Disney Visa discount so quickly? Do you get an e-mail as a Disney Visa card holder? I was just curious because I did not get any e-mail.

I am hoping there might be nice discounts for January :slight_smile:

Touring Plans on Twitter - The phone number from Disney Visa is 407-939-1313 (or contact your Travel Agent).

The discount is for travel dates until 9/28/19.

I’m disappointed – I switched from ASMu to CBR in part because I was hoping the Skyliner would be running by then and being at its hub would be great. Ah well, there’s still the pool slide, and we’ll have our car so can drive on days we don’t want to deal with the busses.

Sweet! Adding the TP to my Twitter now!

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So you have to call Disney direct? You can’t book online?

Yeah… you gotta call.


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Darn, we leave on the 27th