Disney Site Offering Table Reservations Before Park Opens?

I was looking to make advanced reservations and noticed that a tabel restaurant in MK was offering an 8:50 AM reservation on a day when the park doesn’t open until 9:00 AM.

I assume this is just some function of thier wanting to book full before 9:00 and their software forcing them to make individual times instad fo something like “50 open tables all at 9:00 AM?”

Or can you really get tot he restaurant before the park opens? (In this case it is the Be our Guest.)

Yes, you really can get in to some restaurants before park opens. At MK, BoG and CP both open at 8, so on days the park doesn’t open until 9, you could potentially get in an hour earlier. These are popular reservations.

Yes you can if you are lucky! They are very desirable and go quick :grin: We call them pre-RD ADRs…pre rope drop advanced dining reservation.

Thanks! I grabbed it!

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So one other bit of advice. They let all pre-RD ADR in around 7:45am. BOG will seat you in the order you are in line not by your reservation time (at breakfast). Pre order and come early. You will likely be done in time to jump on the mine train before the lines get out of control…if you are lucky maybe even two rides. Good find.


Thanks so much for this tip!

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