Disney Signature Drink Ideas


Hi my friends! I'm looking for fun ideas for a Disney themed signature drink that we can serve at our wedding- something with simple enough ingredients and a fun Disney related name or meaning! Maybe something from the parks? Thanks!!


New castle beer?? Kidding


First an early congrats on the wedding!

Do you have any in mind that you like? I actually have recipes for quite a few of Disney's drinks, so I may be able to help you out.


I don't have any ideas off the top of my head, but I would suggest perusing the drink menus online to see if there is one that fits the bill. Alternatively, I would mix up my own favorite combo and give it a Disneyfied name. For example, how about a champagne cocktail called the Cinderella Slipper or something. That's pretty much what Disney does!


Good ideas so far! Thanks guys- I would like something fairly light and fruity or tropical- something that won't be really complex or expensive to make for people since we will be paying for them. I'm trying to think of something that has meaning to us or one of our trips we aren't really big drinkers! I am obsessed with tea/lemonade type things and sangria...


At the Club level at the Yacht and Beach Clubs, they serve the Stormalong Bay Breeze, which I got profoundly addicted to on our stay -- it is pineapple juice, cranberry juice, and club soda or sprite for a little bit of fizz. If you wanted it to be an alcoholic beverage, a little bit of rum in there would add a pleasant kick.

Oh, another one that I had recently and loved -- lemonade with a splash of Monin blueberry syrup. They serve it at the Frozen dessert party and it was amazing.


Here's the list of mixed drinks on Disney's Standard Bar Menu (there's 45 of them!). Most have boring names, but are largely fruity. I also have recipes for a bunch of other stuff, but I have to look for my list


Oh, and I have the exact amounts to all of these, the text is just the Disney descriptor.


Rum is my fave! I had orange juice, pineapple juice, and Malibu mixed together on vacation at the Cape last week and loved it. I wonder what I could name that....!?


For a Disney theme.... Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride?



Why do you have that and have you drunk them all?


You are my new hero. This is awesome!!! Now I can make a list of all the drinks that I need to make sure that I have on my next trip. That way I won't have to spend time perusing the menu. It will save me valuable drinking time!


@Brian Can any of those be ordered at any Disney bar?


Making note that I need to tour with Brian


Printing, laminating(I love to laminate!) and sticking in my alcohol cupboard!


Do you want to match your wedding colors with the drink?


@alitig1 I actually got that list from DisneyFoodBlog.com although the specific recipes I got from a friend of a friend at Disney. I have not had them all, but that will probably change in the next few months.

@iheartepcot Yes, these are the drinks that make up their standard bar menu. All Disney-run bars (so not La Cava or those at the Swolphin) can make these. In fact, this list makes up most of the menu at a lot of places.

@tianasplace Heck yeah! smile


Ohh! Matching the wedding colors is a neat idea!


You had me at Bahama Mama. ♥


Ok, I am not wrong when I say that @Brian is the author of the greatest ebook ever written right? The one I keep open on my phone and iPad at all times!