Disney Shows, Spectaculars, Fireworks, and Parades Questions

I was finishing up my schedule for our upcoming trip and started by googling Disney World Night Time Shows which brought me to this page on the Disney World website. I discovered when I click through on “Once Upon a Time” in Magic Kingdom and Tree of Life Awakenings in Animal Kingdom for our dates in July it says “Schedule Empty”. Neither appears to have any schedule for the entire month of July. Rivers of Light does not appear on that page, but when I searched for it I did discover it scheduled for July which is good since we’ve already booked a viewing party option. None of them including Rivers of Light shows up on the Events Calendar at all in July. Neither does the Move it Shake it Mousekedance it street party.

My question is does this just reflect Disney not yet releasing schedules for these items for July or is something else going on?

In my experience, Once Upon a Time is scheduled once the night time hours are tentatively finalized (around the 15th of the month before). I don’t think the Tree of Life hours are released. That happen shortly after “sundown” and continues throughout the night?


Thanks. PrincipalTinker. Both Tree of Life and Once Upon a Time have posted hours on click through from the list through the end of June. I guess they’re just not released for July quite yet.