Disney shirts

Where do you get your park shirts? I have talked all my boys into Disney shirts for our July trip. I want a special shirt for each day. Any suggestions?

There are a lot of cute ones on Etsy! I was going to order some adorable Baymax ones but they were charging $36 to ship to Canada. :frowning:

I used Joanna from TeeVites and she was great! There are a bunch of threads under “custom shirts”. Nice that you got them to agree to the shirts!!!

One Crafty B

Can customize to your liking. Super soft shirts. Great service.

I got a bunch on Etsy. You can go down a real rabbit hole on that site…

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Etsy. But in one case, @larrielaine made one for me to my specifications.

I googled like crazy to find ours. The men in our clan got on board because we decided to a theme but not match exactly. So, for example, we were all in black, gray, red and white mickey and minnie attire at MK. Then we were all in yellow, blue, and gray lion king attire at AK.

I bought a cricut before our first trip and made everyone matching shirts.
Now it’s every family member for themselves. lol

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Thanks everyone! One more question. Have any of you ever had Dri-fit T-shirts customized? We are going to be at WDW in July and I thought quick dry clothes might be better. Any thoughts?

We got our sweatshirts from Etsy, but we cricut’d these ourselves.

It was surprisingly fun and not that hard (given that work already had all the tools).


I’ve used Dri Fit shirts for vinyl. It works if you use the correct vinyl. And Dri Fit is so much nicer in July.


That’s an excellent idea! I am anti-cotton when traveling to WDW. Or traveling anywhere, really.

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Are you saying that when it comes to cotton, you are only a “fair weather friend”? :wink:

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haha, yep.
Those pictures in my camping guide from when I was a kid have scarred me for life. “Little Johnny wore wool flannel in the cold rain & snow and he’s a bit miserable. Little Jimmy wore cotton flannel and HE’s DEAD!”

Has anyone used zazzle for shirts? They appear to be the only ones truly partnered with Disney to allow actual Disney images… we tried rushordertees and a local place here and they wouldn’t print actual character images. Will zazzle? Or will they nix our order too?

Waiting to hear back from our order… hoping they don’t cancel it on us.

We don’t really want to resort to having to do our own at home…

The shopDisney site actually offers free personalization, free shipping, and often better designs than anything you can find at Etsy plus since it is a licensed product the prints look much better. The price is also not more expensive than Etsy.


My husband is a computer programmer/skilled graphic designer, so he made awesome shirts that don’t exist elsewhere. We’re just trying to find a way to actually get them made…

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So zazzle just canceled our order. I think I remember @larrielaine doing shirts for someone. Going to try the PM route for her…